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Collaborated with HsinYee Lim  from Nanyang Technological University,2018

“ When Eastern contrive meet Western Spontaneous ”

Our inspiration comes from the differences observed in Eastern and Western study systems. The East being more rigid and structured while the west was more experimental and natural. The use of offcuts gave us the chance to breathe a second life into them. Deriving the concept of eastern Contrived VS western Spontaneous – this collection features the interplay of colors and proportions. Angular pattern designs were worked into the form and shape of the table and stool to create visual interest. These patterns form interesting shadows when viewed from different perspectives while showing the blend of different colors, woodgrains that is well encased within a glass top.

Concept Development 

Comparisons between East vs West School Systems

du 18.jpg

With the design chosen, we refined it by exploring different arrangement (rigid, of interplay between vertical and horizontal) of legs and uniform, varied surface tops. Refining detailed dimensions and measurements. Discussed on chamfers - it’ll lift and make the design look less chunky, acts as an interesting element for users to appreciate. 

The idea of using glass as legs interests us due to its reflecting properties, thus we did some colored renderings to check the effect out. Comparisons on Glass vs Wood legs. 

Chosen Design: Uniform Tabletop + Linear  Horizontal legs

du 12_edited.jpg
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