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Objects.Assimilation 2

This piece of artwork is an exploration of how people should position themselves in the current society. A hand(glove) is surrounded by egg trays and a plastic bag, which are products under the social system. It means that an individual has to live within the social norms assigned and they are restricted by these identities, which can be overwhelming and frustrating. The hand appears to catch the twine in the fine drawing to unleash all the restraints, so it can restore to the original position, a true self. However, on the other hand, the hand also seems to tighten up the twine, implying that the individual who is afraid of losing the existing social status. The twine can be viewed as a "twine of fate". I try not to give a specific answer, hoping the audience can think and decide whether they prefer to be a true self or not.


Graphite Pencil on drawing paper, 18X20’’ 2022

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