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I chose the human body as the element for society framework. It is divided into three parts.

The first part is muscles. They are intertwined with each other and represent the surface layer of society. I use red lines and numbers as my shorthand marks to show the colorful social activities.


Blood vessels are like different classes within society. The aorta has the right to distribute the tiny blood vessels to various areas, but not vice versa. It means that there are unknown things beyond the scope of human power. I used printing and watercolor to highlight the position of blood vessels, revealing that the social class distribution is huge.


In Eastern culture, acupoints exist at the intersections of blood vessels, but are invisible. Like law and social order, they are not seen but regulate the society for the time being and will continually be improved. The summary of the red lines and numbers can provide a preliminary positioning of the acupoints, but it is not the final definition.


Watercolor / Pen/ Print with Acetone on watercolor,42X24’’ 2021

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